6 International
Creative Cities Conference

University of Central Florida
University of Central Florida

The University of Central Florida (Modern Languages and Literatures Department), The Universidad Complutense de Madrid (College of Communication Sciences), the University of Rey Juan Carlos (College of Communication) and the Scientific Association Icono 14, announce the VI International Creative Cities Conference to be held from January 24rd. to January 25th. 2018, in the city of Orlando, FL, USA. The Conference encompasses a wide array of innovative strategies undertaken by public and private entities, governmental and non-governmental organizations, corporations and universities from a national and an international sphere, as well as individuals and the collective. To summarize, all people and organizations involved in offering innovative solutions to problems and challenges, as well as the implementation of resources and possibilities for small and large cities from around the world are invited to present and attend this conference.

The research in this VI International Conference on the Creative City is extended taking into consideration the city as the greatest manifestation of human kind. The cities are spaces built to live and progress as people, as groups and as a society in search of objectives that most define us as a rational, emotional, and social species.

The city is the crystallization of man’s creative activities, the solution to the problems that arise in our daily lives and the expressions of humble and outstanding moments of human culture. It is the part and the whole; it is activity and rest, a meeting place, solitude and the masses, noise and silence, stars above us. In her converge all the activities of all the sciences, the meaning of our search, the desires of all human conquest and the solidarity of each generation.

It is the constructive exercise of fluid creativity, flexible and multiple. To advance, it asks man to inhabit it, imagine, work, administer, be coherent, interactive, collaborate, have empathy, and have happiness. Public building, schools, hospitals, grand avenues, intimate spaces, soaring towers, markets, churches, plazas, parks, meeting places, town halls, theaters, movies, stadiums, streets, homes, museums, bars, bookstores, restaurants, subways, newsstands, transportation hubs, stores, people…; the city as a whole, will be the focus of our research in this the VI International Creative Cities Conference to be held in Orlando.

Universidad Rey Juan Carlos
Universidad Rey Juan Carlos
Universidad Complutense de Madrid
Universidad Complutense de Madrid

The choice of the city where we live, according to Ricard Florida, is perhaps the most important decision we will make in our lives and it is there where we hope to find happiness. It is, as Ortega and Gasset has said, above all plaza, agora, discussion, eloquence. Classical cities are based on an instinct opposite to the domestic instinct.

People build a house to live in it and people build a city to leave their house and find others who have also left their house. Thus, the city is the social space, the aspiration for economic, political, and social development; it is friendship and family, freedom and security, the measure of our dreams and our desires… In the city we are born, we live, we die, the city is life itself.

Orlando is a 21st. century city packed with technology, modernism, sustainability, and entertainment. It offers thousands of opportunities for personal, professional and of course, social development. In a country of opportunity, the cities and creativity play a fundamental role; in them millions of dreams rest, and in them men and women build their hopes for the future.

It is not by change that this city is the site for the Creative Cities 2018 Conference, given the advantages in space, creativity, environment, and media, historical and social realities that Orlando presents as a city. For that reason, within the themes that have been presented in previous editions, in this year´s conference the follow are priorities themes:

  • Smart City: Smartcity.
  • The city as entertainment.
  • The city and the sustainable environment.
  • The scientific and technological city as a research and innovation space.

If you wish to participate in the VI edition of the International Creative Cities Conference and enjoy the exciting city of Orlando, send your abstract for any of the priority or general topic themes.

We will see you at the University of Central Florida, Orlando (USA) from the 24rd. and 25th. of January 2018,

Asociación Científica Icono14
Asociación Científica Icono14

We live in a society exquisitely dependent on science and technology, in which hardly anyone knows anything about science and technology. Carl Sagan

Carl Sagan

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ICONO 14 is a research group that is interested in theorizing, researching and giving expression to topics and problems of aesthetics, image, communication and information.

One of its main objectives is to construct guide posts that offer direction within complex social frameworks and their components when encountering vital experiences of visual and audiovisual phenomena.

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A research and think tank group that has as its tools imagination, a specific epistemology to face artistic, social, and human communication challenges. Methods and scientific foundations specifically developed to handle research with rigor not rhetoric. Poetic intelligence dominates scientific and the knowledge-based line of thinking that Icono 14 presents.